2019 Calendar Contest

The Ascension Parish CAER Committee is holding its annual calendar photo contest.  These pictures will be used for our 2020 calendar that will be produced in December 2019.
Here are some rules and guidelines to follow.
  • The pictures can be of anything dealing with Louisiana, but preferably Ascension Parish.
  • We encourage people to get creative.
  • Company employees, contractors, and family members can enter, and entries are limited to 2 pictures per employee member.
  • Entries must be received by the first meeting in October!!!

The CAER Committee will choose 15 pictures from the submitted ones as winners.  The winners will each receive a $50 cash prize.

Please turn in pictures by the due date in digital format.  This can be done via email, CD, diskette, memory card, flash drive, etc.  The pictures, must be the appropriate megapixels for printing.  A good rule of thumb is if you enlarge your picture to full screen on your computer and the picture is grainy or blurry, it's probably not enough megapixels.  This happens with most cell phone pictures.  If you send pictures over email, please make sure that your email program does not reduce the side of the picture.  Send it in the original size or copy it to a CD, Flash drive, etc, and give it to a representative to be submitted.

Thank you and good luck!


Ivy Alberes
CAER Calendar Chair
225-473-5617 Office
225-803-6804 Cell