Benefits of Membership







Membership & participation opportunities are available for industrial manufacturers, industrial support facilities, and local government in the Ascension Parish area. Would membership benefit you?

If you are a manufacturer and answer yes to any of the following questions, we have solutions for you through membership in CAER.

  •    Do you have a need to get regular updates from local government in regard to ongoing issues, community awareness, or emergency   response?
  •     Would you like to work with other local industry members in a mutual aid capacity in case of emergency?
  •     Would you like to learn from other industry members about best practices in regards to emergency response?
  •     Are you interested in the image of industry in the eyes of the community and would like to ensure community safety in case of emergency?

CAER Membership is open to chemical manufacturing facilities and other industrial support facilities.

Benefits of CAER Membership

  •     Being part of a common voice for industry to the government, community, and business affiliates
  •     Professional networking with industry peers
  •     Work with other industry members in a mutual aid capacity in case of emergency
  •     Learn from other industry members about best practices
  •     Work with and gain a relationship with government representatives about emergency response and public safety issues
  •     Participation in driving the organization's strategic objectives
  •     Training opportunities

Best Practice Exchange Participation

CAER offers members the opportunity to participate in Best Practice Exchanges. Monthly lunch meetings are a forum where members and guest speakers address key issues, provide the latest techniques, and share real-life learning examples. The meetings allow for discussion between industry, the local government, and industrial support as well as a way to gain updates on CAER committees and activities. Each  meeting contributes to our mission to promote safety and awareness to the community, the industry, and its employees.